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Welcome to June, everyone! I accidentally stumbled on to my Dimentio OTP recently, and the first chappie of the story of that mess is going up at the very end of the month. It's actually M rated (not in a smutty way though), which is the kind of thing I'd never thought I'd be trying to write. It's seriously consuming my life send help please

I hope everyone's been enjoying Chase the Nightmares Away so far! It's not really a story so much as it is a bunch of drabbles, but they still belong together. I'm not sure what SPM story to do next, so if you have any suggestions feel free to throw them to me. *holds out hands* 


And now, on to our regularly scheduled, randomly selected artist showcase!
Happy to find yourself on here and/or like the idea in general? Make your own art/artist showcase and spread the love!

1) :iconwhitewings: WhiteWings

NPC akebia by WhiteWings PSA: wounding words by WhiteWings  ascent by WhiteWings

2) :iconbirdon14: Birdon14

Garlude by Birdon14 Monster Heart part 1 by Birdon14 Wake uuup! by Birdon14 

3) :iconsashastub: SashaStub

EthanxPhoebe by SashaStub SPM: Dimentio - TWISTED ENOUGH? by SashaStub Beethoven by SashaStub 

4) :iconflashthewolf: flashthewolf

Robot and rabbit by flashthewolf Sonic sketch by flashthewolf GSA Knights by flashthewolf 

5) :iconpleaserofcrowds: PleaserOfCrowds

Journal Entry 1February 10-
Considering how well construction's going I've decided to start a journal.
That, and, my forgetfulness is beginning to return without mercy, like a hungry lioness that hadn't a thing to eat all day.
I.... had a bit of an 'incident' earlier.... they've been getting more frequent as of late, broke one on my masks, no matter, I've always got extras.
The plan's been going excellently as of late, I simply hope that lunatic doesn't change his mind any time soon, considering how crazy it's been lately. No matter-- I'm sure considering he's got that silly little 'minion' of his in this world, he'll stay. Now I've just got to get the little twat to ally with me, which may be difficult, considering the petty insults I recall him tossing about earliar...... Pah!
My next step is managing to get my new ally into the multiversal plane.... which may be fairly difficult, especially considering how he's still tied down by that damned Warden's barrier and if I try to do something I'd sur
 Ask Dimentio Questions by PleaserOfCrowds ((actual proof that i draw better traditionally)) by PleaserOfCrowds 

6) :icongregzilla14: Gregzilla14

Dancing Grumps by Gregzilla14 Cthulhu Doesn't Care by Gregzilla14 Mario's Bestest Baddies by Gregzilla14 

7) :icondestiny-llama: Destiny-Llama

Super Paper Mario Valentines 1st Set by Destiny-Llama BLEH BLEH BLEH by Destiny-Llama YOU PSYCHOPATH. by Destiny-Llama
8) :iconultimiavlad: UltimiaVlad

Thanks for the 5K Views by UltimiaVlad Sanon by UltimiaVlad Purple is beutiful by UltimiaVlad 

9) :iconcutyaries: CutyAries

SPM - Mimi (Staedtler) by CutyAries Art Trade - Destined (Miapon) by CutyAries Sketch - Antasma by CutyAries 
10) :iconaltermentality: Altermentality

Conspiring by Altermentality Ninja Skillz by Altermentality The Lost Book of Prophecies by Altermentality 


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Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.
I update every Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday ^^

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