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Super Paper Mario and Beyond...
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  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: DK's Frankenstein/His Dark Materials
  • Watching: NCIS, Game Grumps, Pokemon, STEVEN, Parasyte
  • Playing: Undertale, Okamiden, Dr. Muto, PL: Miracle Mask
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Dis Water
Happy to find yourself on here and/or like the idea in general? Make your own art/artist showcase and spread the love! People really do appreciate it and you can easily make their day!

1) :iconshadow-brin: Shadow-Brin

Stained Glass --- Meta Knight by Shadow-Brin Black Hearted by Shadow-Brin Brush Testing by Shadow-Brin 

2) :iconyoshi66666666: Yoshi66666666

Flower Crown by Yoshi66666666 The Dream Team Squad by Yoshi66666666 Meganium by Yoshi66666666 

3) :iconbellhenge: bellhenge

Pokemon 20th by bellhenge MAJORA'S MASK by bellhenge FLOWER-CROWN by bellhenge 

4) :iconroyaladk: RoyalADK

Sapphire Burst by RoyalADK Shinigami Dimentio by RoyalADK God Isaac by RoyalADK 

5) :iconphantomdragonzx: PhantomDragonZX

A free Hug for you by PhantomDragonZX DIMENTIO WON 2.0 by PhantomDragonZX Raichu prepares to battle by PhantomDragonZX 

6) :iconerickgalaxy: Erickgalaxy

Trigun (style) by Erickgalaxy Fan Art Kirby 3 Finalizado by Erickgalaxy la venganza es dulce (Bowser) by Erickgalaxy 

7) :iconmichaeljlarson: MichaelJLarson

Toonstarfreak Commission: Melges VS. Grego by MichaelJLarson The Skull 01 by MichaelJLarson Scarecrow by MichaelJLarson 

8) :iconkookyshygirl88: KookyShyGirl88

The Rise of Dimentio--Prologue and Chapter 1-1PROLOGUE
"So…They think that the whole Chaos Heart ordeal is over…" Dimentio mused to himself as he floated back and forth in his Dimension D. After faking his death, he had returned to his own dimension to overlook the outcome. While he had been confident that he would defeat the heroes, he had planned ahead that if they had won he would leave behind a piece of himself—a Dark Shadow of himself. The Dark Shadow would make sure the Chaos Heart would continue the destruction of all worlds. But thanks to Count Bleck and his—gag—true love Timpani, the Dark Shadow was no more and the worlds were saved.
Dimentio scowled. "This just won't do."
He had been secretly watching his ex-teammates for several months. Nastasia and O'Chunks now resided in Flopside. Nastasia was still saddened by the loss of her 'beloved count'. And O'Chunks was still trying to help her along, all the while trying to woo her for himself. And Mimi had gotten herself a job at Merlee's Mansi
 Princess Peach in Patchwork Staccato by KookyShyGirl88 CE~Super Paper Mario by KookyShyGirl88 

9) :iconsonicgirl582: Sonicgirl582

Fi The Sword Spirit by Sonicgirl582 Dragon Playtime by Sonicgirl582  Super Paper Mario: Age of Darkness--Chapter 1WARNING:A tiny bit of gore/gruesome but not much.
Age of Darkness
Chapter 1:The Very Beginning
“Hee, hee, hee, if I must be taken from this world then you’re all coming with me!” Dimentio  chuckled as he grasped his bleeding side, weakly stumbling forward. A chilling smile remained smirking to his victims in horrifying glee. Disturbing drips echoed in the silence, the drips of his flowing blood—menacing. “Your dreams shall be shattered, your hearts shall be torn, your final breaths will be delightfully wonderful music to my ears as your final curtain falls. All shall perish under my power...including you.”
Dimentio growled and his narrowed eyes abruptly shot up to meet the many shocked watchers that were staring in disbelief. There was a mischievous glint that none could miss in his villainous eyes that wrapped a tendril of dread in their hearts. His blood stained fangs monstrously flashed when he cackled; one gloved fi

10) :iconyukiu-chan: Yukiu-chan

Super Paper Mario- Jaydes by Yukiu-chan Okami - Divine Amaterasu by Yukiu-chan Super Paper Mario- Count Bleck by Yukiu-chan 


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United States
Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.
I update every Sunday though writer's block is being a fearsome foe right now

Oh, and I'm also perfectly open to being sent writing ideas, especially emotional ones. Feel free to drop a comment or note. I'm comfortable writing for Paper Mario (TTYD & SPM), the Mario & Luigi series (all), Professor Layton (games 1-4), Kirby, and Steven Universe. Nothing NSFW please.

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