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I'm probably gonna start doing these more often, but have a showcase of 10 randomly selected artists that I watch. These are a good way to spread the love ~ :heart:
You can also comment to have your own stuff on here, but in return you have to do a showcase yourself and include me in it :3

1. :iconflappytehdolphin: FlappyTehDolphin
Icon 2 by FlappyTehDolphin  I Fucking Love This Smexy Principal Okay by FlappyTehDolphin  Shura Kirigakue doodles by FlappyTehDolphin

2. :iconart-of-kbmiller: Art-of-KBMiller

Behind the Mask - A Majora's Mask Tribute by Art-of-KBMiller  Quill (Redone) by Art-of-KBMiller  Tribal Pikachu by Art-of-KBMiller

3. :iconturbomun:  turbomun

Our mental synchronization by turbomun  Face in the mirror by turbomun  40. Rated by turbomun 

4. :icondorky4ever: dorky4ever

  "'NO,' said Count Bleck" by dorky4ever  Oopsies by dorky4ever  GEE GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY BABY by dorky4ever 

5. :icontalia-wolffang: Talia-WolfFang
Shattered Dreams by Talia-WolfFang  Paint Kirby by Talia-WolfFang  Speed by Talia-WolfFang

6. :iconepifex: Epifex
Be Mine by Epifex  Gurgle by Epifex  Toothless by Epifex

7. :iconchivi-chivik: Chivi-Chivik
SSanta_Cool-ass scarf for The Green Thunder by Chivi-chivik  LM2_BOOTY-ful by Chivi-chivik  SPM_Two sides of the same coin -remake- by Chivi-chivik

8. :iconmaxx2dxtreame: Maxx2DXtreame
What will you do, my count? by Maxx2DXtreame  Overthere has a Plan For You by Maxx2DXtreame  The Count's Right Hand Cover by Maxx2DXtreame

9. :iconnekosmeet: NekoSmeet
shOOOOOORRRRRRT by NekoSmeet  Paintcia by NekoSmeet  yep by NekoSmeet 

10. :iconleerjustice: LeerJustice
Kirby of the Stars: The After Story Chapter 1    Kirby of the Stars: The After Story Chapter 1 - The Blob
 It has been several months since Holy Nightmare Corporation was brought to it’s knees by Kirby. Peace has returned to Dreamland now that the Demon Beasts were no longer in existence. Fumu and Bun were actually able to teach Kirby proper speech without a Demon Beast interrupting the tranquility of their town every week. He was learning fast, but he would still utter a “poyo” often.
On this particular day, Kirby, Fumu, and Bun were sitting by the river near town. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing softly. Kirby watched the fish swim below the surface of the water, then stuck one pink arm into the river. He frowned as his potential afternoon snacks swam away.
“Kirby, I don’t think you’ll catch a fish that way.” ,Fumu giggled.
However, when she turned to Kirby, his focus was on something else. She brushed the thought aside as Kirby sometimes had a short attention
  Marx and Magolor, have some shame! by LeerJustice  Time For Giving Up The Ghost by LeerJustice 

This section's for you :icondimentioyayplz:


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Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.

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*points at newest journal entry* Yes I'm well aware. Thanks you for directing me to the Tumblr posts though. Fucking hell though, how the fuck do I report them *launches into rant*
0Shiny0 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i have no idea. honestly, tumblr doesn't care for the artist community. 

she has been stealing photographs, redrawing and stealing characters from me.

i reported this to tumblr, but that haven't taken them down.

SecretMonsters has been helping me for the most part. he can probably help you, and tell you what to do. 

here's an account that shows everything she's stolen too
MetaKnightRoxMySox Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Thanks T-T
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Happy birthday, have a great day!
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Happy Birthday - hope its a good one! I am so glad you have enjoyed my comic - there will be more to come soon!
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