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Happy Spoop Month everyone! I really, really love the new episodes of Steven Universe. I've been dying for friendship to happen since Jailbreak, so I was quite happy to see it come true. I won't be continuing Rain because now I feel I don't need to. But if you really wanted to see a Chapter 2, you can note me and I'll send the incomplete chapter to you. 

I'm probably going to end up being Mr. L for Halloween again because that's what tends to happen with my costumes. I've never grown very fast so I end up being the same thing a few years in a row. I wonder what you guys are thinking of going as.

I am seriously in OTP rare pare hell. Does anyone have any nice DimentioxLuigi stuff to show me? I am literally the only one writing a serious fic about them, and that's pretty hard on my inspiration sometimes. There's some creepy stuff of course, which I do like, but I need some fluff.

Happy to find yourself on here and/or like the idea in general? Make your own art/artist showcase and spread the love!

1) :iconnightyarty: NightyArty

champion of destruction by NightyArty the most adorable friend by NightyArty reunited by NightyArty

2) :iconskittatle: Skittatle

What`s New?? :3 by Skittatle GA: Mega Swampert by Skittatle Milkyway Wishes by Skittatle

3) :iconhamachi-kuchiba: hamachi-kuchiba

walk with you by hamachi-kuchiba Harmonia by hamachi-kuchiba Plum blossoms and mum flowers by hamachi-kuchiba 

4) :iconthespidermanager: TheSpiderManager

Tales of the Society - The Azure Age - CH1.1
The mood was festive in the headquarters of the Crimson Society. Every member of the group had gathered to celebrate the anniversary of their victory over their first true enemies: the Azure Initiative. The Crimson Councilmen had organized a massive party to commemorate the bonds formed between those they called allies, friends…and perhaps, even family.
Everyone had gathered in the lounge, sitting about the fire pit, as snow fell past the window. On one side of the pit, a black and white raccoon-man leaned back in his chair with a satisfied yawn.
“Hard to imagine that we’d come this far in a year, huh?”  The raccoon’s confident smirk reeked of cockiness, but the others knew that he could easily back up his words with his strength in battle. In fact, they all could - although the Society promoted peace and harmony, its members were more than capable in a fight.
“I’ll say. The Initiative put up a crazy fight; a lot of us nearly died more
  Celestial Legends Prologue Pt1Paper Mario – Celestial Legends
DISCLAMIER: The following is a fan fiction of the Paper Mario Series. I do not own any of the characters or species that belong to Nintendo. I do however own the Celestial Legends Story and other related things. Please show your support and play the original Paper Mario Games.
Prologue: The Celestial Story's beginning Part 1.
It was another bright and sunny day at Mario's house. The grass was beautiful and green, the birds were chirping and flying in peace, and the trees stood tall and healthy. Yes sir, this was once again another fantastic morning. Mario, the red capped hero, alongside with the man in green and Mario's little brother, Luigi, were enjoying a relaxing evening watching TV. They were watching their favorite show "Impact Glitzville", watching their number one fighter, Gonzales Junior, about to square off with Rawk Hawk The 2nd. Jolene, the head executive of Glitzville, was on the arena, about to start the fight.
 Luvbi and Darkbi by TheSpiderManager

5) :icone-hima: e-hima

Darunia by e-hima Bone Maiden by e-hima Paper Mario: The Shaman Antiquity by e-hima

6) :iconmateo245: Mateo245

Dimentio's Coming Back by Mateo245 Rose Quartz by Mateo245 behind the mirror by Mateo245

7) :iconivy4000: ivy4000

fnaG by ivy4000  The Moonlight Trilogy - ProloguePrologue
       The final frontier.
       These are the voyages of the starship–oh wait–my mistake, wrong script.
       It was dark. Very dark, and very cold. It seemed like no living thing could exist here, in this strange, desolate place; and nothing did, for what sort of being could wish to exist in this world that could only be described as the very essence of nothing?
       Suddenly, something broke the silence.
       It was quiet, but just loud enough to hear– a strange sort of whirring noise.
       In the next instant, the source could be found. A strange, dark being, almost like that of a cloud of deep gray and black gas. It came rushing at quite a high speed through the darkness, eventually slowing to a stop.
       There it r
 Ultimate Dimentio by ivy4000 

8) :icondjnightstep: DJNightStep

Luigi, Cold and AloneChapter 1
Luigi's POV
I shuddered, why was I here again. Oh, that's right. I was helpping Mario save Peach again. A sigh escapes my lips, it was taking forever to get to Bowsers castle. I look past my brother in red onward to the many hills, "not to sound rude, but, how much longer?" Mario half glance at me and new I was more conserned with if we're going to make it before dust. Mario smiled, "almost there Bro, just a little longer." I nod before continuing on, the sun going down behind me.
Minutes pass and I still couldn't see the castle. I try to remember how long it took us last time. I shudder in the reliesation that it took us nearly four days. I didn't relise a was so cought up in my own thoughts that I didn't see mario stop until I was so far in the dark that I couldn't see a thing, "m-mario?" I waited with no answer, "Mario?!?" With no answer still I tried turning around and retracing my steps. Little did I know, while I wasn't paying attention, Mario was taken by a Kamek.
 I don't know yet by DJNightStep  The Project  How many days has it been? It doesn’t matter. I dont even remember life before this god forsaken place. The cold stone flooring, the this-should-be-called-poison food. Which is sad really, and almost funny, I don’t even remember my own name. Did I even have a name? Was I ever called something other than project 262-4B? If so, why give me a number? Am I really just an experiment to the white coats?
  I remember someone telling me that I should never forget my name, for it’s the last thing I’ll ever have for hope, because if you know your name, you know there’s some…...What was it? I can’t remember the rest of it. Something more? Something….to gain? To be found? What was it!
  How many weeks? How many months? How many years have I been in this place...waiting? Waiting for what? Waiting for…..someone? To save me? But who? I don’t care, as long as their not taking me to someplace worse than this, if even possible.

9) :iconalex369: Alex369

Tsubasa Shadow Chronicles: Prologue                                                                                              Tsubasa Shadow Chronicles
                                                                                             Prologue: One's Journeys End
"Chaos Regeneration!!" With those words Super Sonic and Super Shadow flew towards the now dying Planet Egg to
  Legend of the Star Warriors :1                                          Legend of the Star Warriors
                                           Chapter 1:  The Beginning
‘Once a long time ago in Dreamland, an evil Dictator appeared one day and with his armies he started to attack all the kingdoms on the planet till only one was left that was still free from his control, but that time may end soon. What kept this kingdom from falling was a strong group made up of all kinds of warriors from all over and range from swordsmen, knights, guards, bowmen’s, solders, and
 Platinum Knight Flight by Alex369

10) :iconsaiiko: saiiko

Mature Content

Mario: BL - ....reMembEr mE? by saiiko
 Pikmin: Home.... by saiiko Mario: It's not the end... by saiiko


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Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.
I update every Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday though I'm going on a bit of a break right now ^^
Oh, and I'm also perfectly open to being sent writing ideas, especially emotional ones. Feel free to drop a comment or note. I'm comfortable writing for Paper Mario (TTYD & SPM), the Mario & Luigi series (all), Professor Layton (games 1-4), Kirby, and Steven Universe. Nothing NSFW please.

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