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  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Drama
  • Reading: Moby Dick/Odyssey/Jurassic Park/Indy 1
  • Watching: NCIS, Game Grumps, Pokemon, STEVEN
  • Playing: TTYD, Yoshi's Island, Mystery Dungeon Sky, LoZ:SS
  • Eating: Chile con Carne
  • Drinking: Dis Water
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1) :iconxxsassersxx: XxSassersxX

The Wind Waker's Legend by XxSassersxX You'll Be Mine by XxSassersxX The Identity Thief Cover by XxSassersxX 

2) :icondordtchild: DordtChild

 To Deny, Or To Accept by DordtChild A Light in Darkness by DordtChild The Master Music Ghost by DordtChild 

3) :iconbabyabbiestar: BabyAbbieStar

The Missing: PrologueOnce upon a time, there was a plumber named Mario. He came to the Mushroom Kingdom with his younger twin brother Luigi many years ago. They both had lots of adventures with their friends and enemies. They fought with Bowser, King Boo, and many others. They journeyed through countless worlds and accumulated much wealth and knowledge about various Power-Ups. They had other frivolous events: kart-racing, golfing, partying...all the wonderful things the kingdom could possibly offer. Aside from dealing with the baddies, it was a pretty good life. Things were good here.
Once upon a time, everything was good here.
Once upon a time, Mario had met and immediately fallen in love with Peach Toadstool, the fair princess of the land. They had formed a special bond that had never been more beautiful. Even though Bowser would try to kidnap the princess from time to time in hopes of taking control of the kingdom, Mario would always show up, defeat the Koopa King, and rescue her. He risked his life
 DSF | Rise in Revolution by BabyAbbieStar Game Over by BabyAbbieStar 

4) :iconxgalacticpenguin: xGalacticPenguin

Ready For a Hot Date by xGalacticPenguin Flyin' through Space by xGalacticPenguin Angry Lettuce Head by xGalacticPenguin

5) :iconfaffreux: faffreux

  White hat Red hat by faffreux Dark star core by faffreux Doopliss and Dimentio by faffreux

6) :iconmachaphasesix: Machaphasesix

This Garden by Machaphasesix Team Bleck by Machaphasesix Corrupted Dreams by Machaphasesix 

7) :icondarkplacehospitalplc: DarkPlaceHospitalPLC

Super Paper Mario Man in Green Cover by DarkPlaceHospitalPLC  A Warm PlaceDimentio sighed. They had fallen into a kind of routine, with Dimentio procuring all the equipment Mr L listed and Mr L spending most of his time in the mechanical workshop. Dimentio was finding this much to his surprise it was quite an education. He had done some unofficial procurement himself and was quite the expert with 'local area networks' and 'webcameras'. Mr L's antics in the lab had proven to be quite amusing, especially the time when he took the Pervitin for the first time and spent a chunk of the morning running around in circles convinced that a manifold was haunted.
Still, there was something gnawing at Dimentio. It wasn't like that strange feeling, almost like grief when he last spent time with Luigi, awaiting the Count's summons, more like a strange feeling of regret. Not enough time to dwell on that, preparations need to be made.
He knew it wasn't long before everything would need to be in place. When Sammer's kingdom falls, he knew the Count would be unable to resist t
  A Legal MatterMario sat on the low hill deep in thought as he watched his brother and Daisy walk up the garden path. He felt a familiar hand on his shoulder, then feel it slip into his hand.
They sat together in silence as they watched Luigi walk, leaning on his stick and on Daisy, looking somewhat incongruous in an old band tshirt and faded cut-off coverall, which were some of the few clothes that fit him.
"You're not working today then?"
"Have you told him yet?"
"No...It's still too soon, but I know there isn't much time left"
They sat and watched, seeing them walk out of view behind a tree.
"How long from today? About five weeks?"
Peach nodded.
It had been a week since Luigi had awoken and on that day Mario had received a thin but expectant envelope in the post. It was none other than a court summons but not just any court - the World Court. It had not escaped Mario's notice that a similar one was addressed to Luigi. He thought about opening it but froze - there was a time he

8) :iconneodusk: Neodusk

Fandumb #76: Rick And Morty and Gravity Falls by Neodusk Steven Universe: Gem Wars by Neodusk Steven Universe: The Crystal Gems' Ultimate Foe by Neodusk

9) :iconmiapon: Miapon

PA Patapon Art .:Victoria:. by Miapon CP .:Dreambert:. by Miapon .:Wanna Play cards?:. by Miapon

10) :icondoritodemon2: DoritoDemon2

Inktober #1 Dark Meta Knight by DoritoDemon2 F You Heroes by DoritoDemon2 Magolor [Pixel Doll] by DoritoDemon2


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United States
Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.
I update every Sunday though writer's block is being a fearsome foe right now

Oh, and I'm also perfectly open to being sent writing ideas, especially emotional ones. Feel free to drop a comment or note. I'm comfortable writing for Paper Mario (TTYD & SPM), the Mario & Luigi series (all), Professor Layton (games 1-4), Kirby, and Steven Universe. Nothing NSFW please.

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