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  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Video Game Remixes
  • Reading: The King's Shadow
  • Watching: NCIS, Game Grumps, Pokemon
  • Playing: Zelda OoT, StarFox Command, Paper Mario, Kart 7
  • Eating: Chicken omnomnom
  • Drinking: Dis Water
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1. :icongathouria: Gathouria
Never to return by Gathouria Shadow Lugia by Gathouria Meta Galaxia by Gathouria 
2. :icongamerdragon07: Gamerdragon07
The Fall of DMK by Gamerdragon07 043- Dying by Gamerdragon07 Super Leaf Powers by Gamerdragon07

3. :iconvilsax: vilsax
Villains SG. 02 - Dream by vilsax I Just Came To Say 'Hello' by vilsax Wood Fairy by vilsax 

4. :iconnaminem: NAMINEM
TSOTR ch.1The small group of star warriors laid in the shadows of the planet's gray rocks--Their only protection from being sensed by the group of creatures, ready to kill them at a moment's notice.
The sun would move away from the planet soon, which was the time some of the demon beasts liked to prowl. They would have to hurry to get their advanced surprise attack on the enemy.
A star warrior that was flying above the creatures got his signal. He poured a barrel of liquor on top of them. The coldness on their skins awoke them and they looked up at the annoying star warrior that had disturbed their small nap. The star warrior grinned and waved at the creatures, showing how immature and unfit he was to be at war.
An archer that was hiding in the shadows with his other teammates readied his bow and arrow. He snickered as he struck a match, lit the arrow on fire, and readied it. He looked around, giving a signal to other archers that lay in the shadows who did the same and awaited the signal from t
 Art Trade of Sectonia by NAMINEM In a Flash of White Across His Vision... by NAMINEM 

5. :iconjayssica: jayssica 
Looking above by jayssica Sleeping Beauty cover by jayssica Wolf O' Donnell by jayssica 

6. :iconthegrumpyturtle: TheGrumpyTurtle
Maximum Capacity by TheGrumpyTurtle Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds by TheGrumpyTurtle Nightmares in Dreamland !!Contest!! by TheGrumpyTurtle 

7. :iconstorystosee: storystosee
Was no one, really no one, willing to wait for you forever?
Is no one willing to wait for a beautiful girl like you?
You asked for help once,  no, more than twice. But darling my excuse is
That I don’t know how. Truth is, I’m afraid I’ll fail
You built high transparent walls and I’d be glad to break them
Down if that pleases you. The reason why I haven’t started
Yet is because it’s hard to find invisible obstacles. But, really,
I’m afraid you won’t like me as intruder
The problem is, darling, I look at you all the time. And when I’m facing
You I can’t tell what direction that may be.
When I think you just hate me, you suddenly say you’d do anything
For me. Anything you really said that!
But when I see a chance you love me, you seem to turn your back
On me. And as you can’t see, I then ask for help, for help and you
Because I think it’s you I need, but I am not sure, and can I ever be?
  SelfishYou died
I cried
And selfish as I am, I still wish for it to be the other way around
  ClaustrophobiaToo small, no room.
No light, too dark
Too hot, no air
Tears, pure of frustration
Screaming, but no one to hear it
Crying, but no one to see it
My fist keeps hitting the wall
My breath keeps getting faster
Can't somebody get me out of this place
And just get me outta here

8. :icondrawaholic1124: Drawaholic1124
John Stewart: The Green Lantern by Drawaholic1124 Deadpool by Drawaholic1124 Diana by Drawaholic1124 

9. :icontigermix: Tigermix
Insanity Space by Tigermix Sha Wujing by Tigermix Steampunk Painter by Tigermix 

10. :iconcelestiadragonknight: CelestiaDragonKnight
Kirby - Fiery Beast by CelestiaDragonKnight Galacta Knight by CelestiaDragonKnight Semester Work by CelestiaDragonKnight 


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Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.

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