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1) :iconwildstrikethemaximal: WildStrikeTheMaximal

Magolor done with shiny markers by WildStrikeTheMaximal Veigar rebounding with a ball of Dark Matter by WildStrikeTheMaximal 089. Through the Fire by WildStrikeTheMaximal

2) :iconbunnyveritas: BunnyVeritas

The Dark Sides of Bonnie Bunny by BunnyVeritas Doopliss- Paper Mario: TTYD by BunnyVeritas Vixen by BunnyVeritas

3) :iconmariogamesandenemies: mariogamesandenemies

Dimentio and Count Bleck by mariogamesandenemies Creepy Count Bleck by mariogamesandenemies Mimi by mariogamesandenemies
4) :icondarkmarxsoul: DarkMarxSoul

9: Death
      Mario and Luigi walked into Dr. Toadley's Hospital in the middle of the night, worried as all Underwhere. There were a few other people in the waiting room other than them: a small Toad boy with a cut on his cap, an old Koopa asking too many questions to the nurses than they had answers for, a Goomba with a serious case of fungal swelling, and a Toad with a bulging arm due to an allergy. All of them, however, looked solemn and grave; the Bros. knew it wasn't because of their ailments.
      'Mario and Luigi, how are you?' a Toad woman with pink spots on her cap asked. 'I assume you've come to see him, haven't you?' They nodded tiredly. 'Have a seat in the chairs over here, we'll call you in shortly.' They complied and she left.
      Luigi sighed. 'Remember when we came in here the day it opened Mario?'
      'Are you going to keep reminiscing about that every t
  Love-Hate: A One-Shot      Death.
      That was all he saw.
      All he thought of.
      All he was aware of.
      Then the crossing was over as abruptly as it started. He stood, stony-faced, tears streaking down his face, staring at the rocky, depressing walls of the Underwhere. He sat there with the salty liquid falling onto the ground for as long as time itself, it seemed.
      A voice, gruff, serious, called out to him. He continued to stare, paying no mind.
      They came over to him, small devils in suits. D-Men. He didn't care. He just stared. He was unable to accept the
  The Insane Smiles Chapter 1: Revival
The Chaos Trilogy ~A Super Mario Fanfic~
Part 1: The Insane Smiles

Chapter 1: Revival
      The Underwhere. It was a bleak place, shunned by light of any kind. It was a dark, desolate cave. The rocky floor was as rough and uncomfortable as the place felt, and damp with water droplets, which constantly gathered on the rugged stalactites and stalagmites that littered the ceiling and ground. Odd formations could be seen in the walls, like odd squares.
      Fawful absolutely hated the Underwhere.
      The little bean boy, wrapped in his torn, red cloak, fastened together by two golden buttons, hated everything about it. He hated the depressing rock walls, the stalagmites which he constantly tripped over every day. He hated the cracked, stone fountain near the hub of the Underwhere, which spewed never-ending gallons of a strange orange liquid, which healed all wounds and ailments when soaked in. He especially hated the Shaydes. They were odd, slug-like b

5) :iconskylo-dawg: skylo-dawg

garbage pail ugliness swarm by skylo-dawg Zorua by skylo-dawg Nyoom by skylo-dawg

6) :iconmenthalo: Menthalo

Game Grumps Comic by Menthalo Ascension Page 0 by Menthalo Inkurable Chap 1 Page 0 by Menthalo

7) :iconkay-double-o-zii: Kay-double-O-Zii

Super Paper Misadventures Duo by Kay-double-O-Zii DAHS: BOOM poster by Kay-double-O-Zii Crow by Kay-double-O-Zii

8) :icongalacticknight13: galacticknight13

The Deadly Seven: Chapter 1Being a bright and sunny day at Earth, what chaos could happen today? Little, they predicted. Sonic and Tails thought it would be a nice, calm day. They thought they could just lie around with no worry to spare.
They were right, until Dr. Eggman decided to go with his usual plans of evil once more.
Now, they're in the sky, trying to bring Eggman down. Sonic stands on Tails' plane as they keep on the doctor's trail.
"Just a little closer," says Tails, "and you'll have a good chance of landing an attack on him!"
The hedgehog doesn't bother to even faintly smile in a tense time like this. Until Eggman and his two robot minions are down, no one is safe.
Orbot turns around and sees the hedgehog and fox getting closer. "Boss, they're approaching us from behind."
Cubot soon turns around and sees them and tries to say something, but Eggman soon turns the craft around and pushes Orbot and Cubot behind him. He locks two missiles on the plane, and he fires them, smiling and laughing at the though
 #093- Haunter by galacticknight13  Her Darkest Secrets: Chapter 1Chapter 1: A Surprise For Dreamland
At night, a puffball makes her way to Dreamland. A 13-year-old puffball named Amelia.
She is a gold-colored puffball with eyes like Kirby's, only the areas in her eyes that should be white are lime green, and there is only black beyond that. She has turquoise shoes like Meta Knight's and brown hair tied back in a pony tail by a green hairband.
"Where am I," she asks. "Do people live here?"
There are a few, but she hasn't met them yet,
She hears footsteps, and immediately, she gasps. She takes out a sword to defend herself. As soon as she sees that person, she runs towards him and hits him with the flat side of her sword, making him fall to the ground.
She gasps again and drops her sword. He turns himself over onto his back and asks, "Was that necessary?"
She sighs. "I'm sorry...I'm new here. I don't know who you are..."
Amelia offers to help the masked puffball up, but he gets up on his own. "I'm Meta Knight," he tells her once he gets back

9) :iconspadenightmaren: SpadeNightmaren

Roon | Tanaquil by SpadeNightmaren Coulrophobia | Chapter 1 Cover by SpadeNightmaren M+L: Memory Cover by SpadeNightmaren

10) :iconj-stein: J-Stein

sincostan pilot page 37-38 by J-Stein childhood by J-Stein bugs-bugs-bugs by J-Stein

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Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.
I update every Thursday and Sunday ^^

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