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So I'm doing online courses again
I'm only taking two this time, which should be a workload I can hopefully handle alright

Anyways, you probably noticed I'm drawing some stuff. This is cause I realized that the Samsung tablet we bought my mom two years ago and which my dad started using at work had a pen with it therefore I could draw on it. So I downloaded a drawing app and I've been playing around with it. It's only a simple app, since limitations invoke creativity and all that.

Also, I said Within was coming back around this time, but I haven't been able to work on it at all (curse you AU for consuming my muse), so I'm pushing that back to April. I've only got a few parts left, I can do it! x-x I'll learn my lesson next time and be sure to finish my thing BEFORE I start posting it


Happy to find yourself on here and/or like the idea in general? Make your own art/artist showcase and spread the love! People really do appreciate it and you can easily make their day!

1) :iconhealerkira: HealerKira (I had such a hard time picking only three things lol. Just all of the things are great. All of them)

Another Humanic Dimentio by HealerKira  A Shudder“You’re so stupid.”
He couldn’t prevent the flinch at the sharp, sudden words. The bloody scraps of skin on his ankles and arms screamed at the movement. A small light appeared in the darkness. It. The seed floated, and, slight lines of dark purple and yellow curled around it like smoke.
“How much time can you last, tied up, here in my prison, with no light, no food, no water, hmm?”
Luigi squinted in the direction of the voice, despite that he knew  he would never see anything but that seed, with the slight aura around it. The seed was the only thing that told him when Dimentio was there. If he was there.
“This place is pretty cold, don’t you think?”
It was.
“Get lost.” He whispered. It sounded almost normal in the dark silence.
Dimentio went on, his voice gleeful and mocking.
“I brought you here two days ago and now you look almost dead. Do
  LettersHe stared at the stack. His heart hurt. His thoughts raced, painfully. . He wanted to do it.  He needed to. It wasn’t healthy- he knew.  How could such an indulging activity be considered healthy?
He wasn’t the only one to do such things- he knew.  He wasn’t the only one forced to cope, in such painful, odd fashions.
Count Bleck saw it in his minions; each one had their own ways of coping with the past. Nastasia- she threw herself into her work, into staying on schedule, because it was one thing that she could control.
Mimi, although she was near O’Chunks age, wrote her innermost thoughts into a diary, and dressed in colorful dresses, trying to cling to her simplistic childhood.
And O’Chunks, forcing himself to his limits in training, trying to grow strong so no one would dare betray him again.
Everyone had their own ways of coping. He recognized that. This - this enormous stack, marked with black ink and bundled together with twist r

2) :iconmiiv12: Miiv12 

Pure by Miiv12 

Mature Content

Host Of The Chaos Heart by Miiv12
  Betrayal(Undertale One-Shot)
You didn't know what to expect when you climbed Mount Ebott,maybe you would fall down a hole and die,maybe you got lost and never found your way back.
But the idea of falling down into a world full of monsters,had never even crossed your mind.
But,here you were,there was only one way home and to get to it you had to fight through
thousands of monsters who wanted to take your soul.
Flowey had scared you,but it was thanks to Toriel that you survived.
...Toriel,she had been nice,she helped you,fed you and let you rest in her home.
But,no one was going to stop you from getting out of this place.
Again,you had no idea what to expect when you finally exited the ruins,
but you surely were suprised when you found snow covering the ground.
How was there snow here anyways?They were inside a mountain right?
It propably dosen't matter,you should just keep going.
As you walk through the forest you can hear footsteps behind you,
good thing you made sure to clean all that dust from your clothes.

3) :iconbrookriver: BrookRiver

A Present From Alice by BrookRiver Piecewise Peace by BrookRiver  BlockThe pencil touches paper and I draw
Graphite threads weaving a world
Nebulae swirl at the pencil tip
My universe sprawling before me
The thoughts that I cannot put into words
sprawling out across the pages
Drawing you into my joys and sorrows
Drawing me out of the void I'm in.
I think this, and sigh
and put down the pencil
and watch it roll across the fibers
weaving together into nothing.

4) :icondurithyll: Durithyll

Count Bleck by Durithyll Interruptions by Durithyll On the Move by Durithyll 

5) :iconyelinna: yelinna (Go look at her comic "The Ultimate Show" for cereals)

The Ultimate Show Chapter 2 Part 29 by yelinna Dimentio by yelinna More Interesting by yelinna 

6) :iconcastformgrass: castformgrass

Swannarade ^w^ by castformgrass Psychopath  by castformgrass Will-o-wisp by castformgrass 

7) :iconmetacookie: Metacookie

Butterfly Knight by Metacookie Dimentio Face Practice by Metacookie Where Nobody Else Travels... by Metacookie 

8) :iconprimrose-rachel: Primrose-Rachel

The greatest swordman, Meta Knight by Primrose-Rachel It's just a dream, just...a NIGHTMARE by Primrose-Rachel Zero and layer Autumn by Primrose-Rachel 

9) :iconvickinky: Vickinky

Commission 4 by Vickinky Cuantas Flores by Vickinky 

Mature Content

Dream by Vickinky

10) :iconkanpachi9: Kanpachi9

Sweet-dreams by Kanpachi9 Tag team Battle by Kanpachi9 Old friends in Somnom Woods by Kanpachi9 


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United States
Hey everybody. I'm a huge SPM dork. Sometimes, I write something.
I update every Sunday though writer's block is being a fearsome foe right now

Oh, and I'm also perfectly open to being sent writing ideas, especially emotional ones. Feel free to drop a comment or note. I'm comfortable writing for Paper Mario (TTYD & SPM), the Mario & Luigi series (all), Professor Layton (games 1-4), Kirby, and Steven Universe. Nothing NSFW please.

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