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Hey, what's this? I requested a place in :iconsonicgirl582:'s journal, so I must do the same :3

"1. For each of the 10 first people answering this journal (just a comment saying you want a feature,) I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! If you, anyway, would like to suggest your own deviations, feel free to do it. 

 2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not simply getting a free feature, but spreading art around for everyone!"

1. :iconsonicgirl582:
The Blaze of Your Eye by Sonicgirl582 The Elven Maiden by Sonicgirl582  Super Paper Mario: Age of Darkness--Chapter 1WARNING:A tiny bit of gore/gruesome but not much.
Age of Darkness
Chapter 1:The Very Beginning
“Hee, hee, hee, if I must be taken from this world then you’re all coming with me!” Dimentio  chuckled as he grasped his bleeding side, weakly stumbling forward. A chilling smile remained smirking to his victims in horrifying glee. Disturbing drips echoed in the silence, the drips of his flowing blood—menacing. “Your dreams shall be shattered, your hearts shall be torn, your final breaths will be delightfully wonderful music to my ears as your final curtain falls. All shall perish under my power...including you.”
Dimentio growled and his narrowed eyes abruptly shot up to meet the many shocked watchers that were staring in disbelief. There was a mischievous glint that none could miss in his villainous eyes that wrapped a tendril of dread in their hearts. His blood stained fangs monstrously flashed when he cackled; one gloved fi

2. :iconnyanbull198:
Abstract by nyanbull198  The Pryamids by nyanbull198  Road Trip Chapter 1: The Surprise"Come on.Come on!",said Mr. L as he played Cat Mario for the 100th time. He was so close to beating the final level of the game.Then, the door opened."L, it's time for breakfast.",a voice said. Mr. L turned around and saw Moonflower standing by the doorway."Count Bleck wants to see you now.",Moonflower said in a stern voice."Oh. I'm gonna take a quick shower then I'm coming down.",he said,getting ready to take a shower."Okay.',Moonflower said,turning to the door,remembered something and turned to Mr. L. "Oh.Nastasia wants to know what you want to eat for breakfast.",Moonflower said. Mr. L turned and said,"Waffles.I want waffles." "Okay.",Moonflower replied and shut the door.Mr. L got up and shut off his laptop. Then,he went to his shower and took a bath. After that, he picked out his clothes and went downstairs to breakfast.
"Where is L asks Count Bleck?",Count Bleck wondered as everyone wait

3. :icondarkplacehospitalplc:

Where IS THIS PLACE ?! by DarkPlaceHospitalPLC SPM Man in Green Part 1 episode 7 by DarkPlaceHospitalPLC Inside Castle Bleck 1: BetrayalInside Castle Bleck : Betrayal
These will form a narrative companion to a comic strip I will be writing based on Super Paper Mario - specifically Luigi's adventure and also from the Ultimate Show by :iconyelinna:
It is intended that the comic strip be self-contained but I like being able to write some extra material as some narrative parts won't necessarily make the best strips.
Note: Some of these will carry a Mature rating for violence and gore.
The smell of cooking hung richly in the air as Count Bleck waited in his presence chamber for news from Nastasia. The disruption of the ritual had caused problems in that the Turtle King was loose in the Castle but that Dimentio had intercepted him and dealt with him for now. However, the Princess had managed to escape her captors, who in this case were the Goombas and Koopas which had made up the King's entourage, and had not been seen since. Nastasia had had to brainwash many, but there were some who volunteered to join Bleck and his host f



Nickname: Meta
United States
Hey everybody. I'm a Meta Knight fan. I'm also a big fan of Super Paper Mario and all that encompasses it.
Unfortunately, I have a lot of original stories but not a time to write them. I do draw sometimes, but I'm not amazing at it.

I've discovered something called "Mafia" on It's a super fun, think inducing forum game.

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